About the club

A short history

Beverley conservative working men’s Club opened in January 1885. The original premises were above Green & Sons, 44 Saturday Market, printers of the Beverley Guardian.

Within three years, the membership had grown to over 300 necessitating a move to larger premises in Toll Gavel.

In 1895 the club moved again, to 56 Market Place, the premises containing a Billiard Room a Card Room Library and a Reading Room.

In 1913, some 29 years after it was formed a bar was opened in the club.
In 1925 the club moved yet again this time buying a large Georgian house in North Bar Without opposite York Road, the property included 5.9 acres of land known as Wylie Park.

When the club was opened it comprised a spacious Billiard Room with three tables a Reading Room a Card Room and a Smoking Room and in the grounds where Tennis Courts and a Bowling Green.

After the 2nd World War, the club was compulsorily purchased to make way for Wylie’s Road and a new Club being built at the side, forming the basis of the Club we have today 130 years old and still going strong.